Alemir Standard Poodles
Our Story
The story of Alemir begins long before the first poodle joined it's ranks...

Julie Tune spent her early years nurturing a strong love of animals and as an adult she instilled that love in her two daughters, Alena and Miriya, whom Alemir was named after.

Julie was touched by the poodle bug long before she bought her first poodle.  Her love of dogs had drawn her to a local service organization, Fidos for Freedom, Inc. It was there that she was teamed with a cream standard poodle puppy named Sparky as his puppy raiser and trainer.  He lived with and learned from Julie, and she began to see the incredibly personality, easy going nature and intelligence of the breed.  Sparky is matched with his new partner, a wonderful young woman who's not hindered by the wheelchair she sits in because of the well trained and well loved dog by her side.  Julie's not only a trainer for Fido's but for a time also served as vice president.

Alena, the older of Julie's two daughters, participated in 4H.  She competed in Obedience and Fitting & Showing, earning high score Champion in the last trial before going on to college.  Alena also played a large role in the puppy raising of Sparky.  She graduated college with honors, earning a  degree in Biology, and is currently working as a vet tech for an equine veterinarian.  Alena is the farm manager for the family's dressage horse breeding program,  Cedar Grove Sport Horses, and is patiently training her young silver standard poodle, Ricky, in flyball and agility.

Miriya, now in highschool, is active in 4H.  She began training her Schipperke, Bear, and in recent years has been training her standard poodle Desi in Obedience, Rally, Agility, and Flyball. Miriya not only helps her mother with the Alemir puppies but was also a Fidos puppy raiser herself and was given the chance to be one of the first Jr. Handlers to work a dog on the Fidos' training floor. 

In Julie's own words....

"Of course I knew we could never be without a standard poodle again.  Through this small window I saw the intelligence, beauty and lovable nature of these noble dogs.

So, why do we breed poodles?  Why not just own a few?  Because I saw and still do see the impact that Sparky has on the woman he now lives with.  I wanted to be a part of this from the beginning to the end.  Sparky can take the credit for this one.  He was a joy to raise and train, and has certainly impressed us with his trainability and ability to give his new owner independence.  Those of you who have standard poodles know what I'm talking about. 

Years later, my family can not be without them.  I strive to breed intelligence and trainability coupled with the grace and beauty this breed is known for.  To date Alemir dogs can be found in the Agilty, Obedience, and Flyball rings.  We have just begun our grande venture into the Conformation ring as well and hope for a bright future."

And the rest, they say.........