Alemir Standard Poodles
Health Screening
Moonstone Alemir Maverick Rose

Hips - OFA:           Moderate Unilateral
It is with heavy heart that we share the following:

In December of 2006 we brought Ricky in to begin her health testing as we do with all of our dogs once they turn two years of age.  Right from the beginning we knew that something was not quite right.  If you ask, the vet will go over your dog's x-rays with you and it was plain to see that her left hip was not nearly as tight as we had hoped.  But we crossed our fingers and wished for the best as we sent the films to OFA. 

Before the results were even posted (as you can see by the Jan. date) Ricky came into heat a full month early.  The matter was discussed with our vet and several friends especially when we recieved the news that there was moderate dysplasia in her left hip.  There is a mode of thinking that a heat cycle could greatly effect the results.  We were not sure of this but thought that it was worth waiting for.

In March of 2007 Ricky was x-rayed again.  Much to our dismay, the results were nearly identical.

Ricky has been spayed and removed from our breeding program.  We are deeply saddened by this but as breeders know that this is part of the life we live.  No matter the results of siblings or parents it is important to test every dog before they produce offspring even if the testing could end their breeding career.

She will remain part of the Alemir family, living as she always has with Alena in WV, and will continue to show in Rally and Flyball until the time comes when we see that a less strenous life is needed. 

We will also be continuing her health testing as the information gathered from every dog is important to those studying the genetic markers, hereditary likelyhood and long term outcome of this breed's inheretable traits and diseases.