Alemir Standard Poodles
Family Reunion

I would love to hear from anyone with an Alemir poodle close to their heart.  Send in your pictures, funny stories or touching moments and we'll share them with others on our site!
Excerpts of a letter from Noodles' new mom
AKA Liza
(AM CH Platinum's A Rough Rider X In Orbit's Cinderella)
DOB 11/11/05

Hi Julie,

   It was nice to see you at the Flyball tournament in Broomall.......

   ..........We just got back from a week vacation at the beach in Ocean City, MD.  We went with my Parent's and we took my sister's little girl and of course the dogs.  Noodles absolutely loved running around on the beach in Assateague.  She loves water!  This weekend we're taking my husband's nephews camping and fishing.  I'm sure Noodles will love that too! And later this month 5 of my girlfriends and I are trailoring our horses to a place I rented on the beach in VA.  Noodles (and some friends) will be coming along for that too.  I always have a busy Fall schedule and try to include my dog in most of it.......

.........Noodles is doing all the open and utility obed exercises with a very happy, positive attitude.  We started on scent articles but I've never trained them before so it'll take some time.  She's also trail riding with me off leash and I've been having her come in a sit next to my horse when other people pass us on the trail.........

Hope you had a great summer.  Attached are some photos of Noodles.  Take Care,


Saying Farewell
It has been a very difficult decision, but we at Alemir have decided to sell our Guido, "Alemir Tomorrow Never Knows".  Though he has shown great promise in the conformation ring, we know that he enjoys the life of a pet much more.  He will be heading to Kathryn and her family in Bermuda where I am sure he will enjoy the life of a beach dog!