Alemir Standard Poodles
Health Screening
In Orbit's Cinderalla
Spayed and Retired

Chic Number:                   23610

Hips-Pennhip:                     90%
                                    L-0.36 / R-0.36

Hips-OFA:                          Good
                                PO-12245G26F-PI                                        2/25/2003

SA:                           PO-SA246/26F-PI

VwD:                                   Clear
                                    VetGen 24232

CERF:                               Normal

                          **Y-Suture Cataracts

** At just over six years Cinder was diagnosed with Y-suture Cataracts.  Though she was already spayed we feel that continued testing for our dogs is a must.  The vet who performed the test informed us that they were in a mild stage and could not tell us for sure if this type of cataract is a genetic trait. We will be monitoring both her and her offspring carefully in the years to come.
I have found a wonderful source of reference to not only the diseases that can effect our dogs in heartbreaking ways but also an overflowing amount of facts on commom (and not so common) medications, treatments, vaccines and surgeries.  Though we are located on the east coast and they on the west, I would recommend the Mar Vista web site to anyone!
Mar Vista Animal Medical Center